Guru Bhola Nath Bansuri Gurukul
A celebration of traditional Guru Shishya Prampara is held every year in the memory of great bansuri guru Pt Bhola Nath Prasanna ji as Guru Bhola Nath Bansuri Utsav.

In Guru Bhola Nath Bansuri Utsav, performaces are done by legend great musicians as well as students of gurukul.
Pt. Bholanath Prasanna was an extremely dedicated Guru. Pt. Ajay Prasanna continues the gurukul under the name Pt. Bhola Nath Bansuri Gurukul.

Continuing traditional guru shishya prampara and he teaches hundereds of students and make them professionally trained.

To create and inculcate in children and youth a love for and appreciation of Indian music, especially bansuri music as well as Indian-Western (jazz) fusion music.

For the guru to work closely with sishyas (students/disciples) to identify, recognize, encourage and create a desire to learn and excel in the music or musical instrument of their choice.